The flame of a single candle burns, though it wavers and flickers as a cold wind from the surrounding darkness hounds it. Yet it does not gutter out and die. It does not leave us shivering in the black. It holds fast, pushing back the darkness and that which lurks on the edge of the light. And it gives us just enough illumination that we might read from the ancient and cracked parchment of the Chronicle. A harrowing tale of those brave few souls to whom we owe our lives and perhaps even Toril itself.

The heroes of our tale are:
Cor, a human Paladin of Helm
Darth, an elf Rogue
Ellywick, a gnome Bard
Hjorde, a human Fighter
Lia, an elf Druid
Orryn, a gnome Warlock

Chronicle of the Flickering Flame

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