Chronicle of the Flickering Flame

Adventure Log ~ 1

The Flame is Lit


○ Our heroes gather in the town of Triboar where they have answered a call for adventurers to escort Lady Henrietta Haberlyn, the mayor of the town, and her husband Belvon to the great metropolis of Waterdeep to the south. They are given 50 gp each and are promised another 50 gp after the Haberlyns’ are safely delivered to the city.

○ A caravan sets out from Triboar, beginning an eleven day journey to Waterdeep. The caravan consists of the Haberlyns, their personal guard and our heroes.

○ The journey is uneventful except for some wild dogs that harmlessly stalked the caravan for a handful of miles. And then in the late morning of the fifth day of travel the monotony of the journey is rent asunder.

○ The caravan is ambushed! Arrows and rocks rain down on the travelers from the top of a high ridge that borders the eastern edge of the road. The scene is pure chaos punctuated by a giant boulder smashing into the side of the Haberlyn’s carriage. Our heroes are thrown from their horses and knocked unconscious.

○ The party returns to consciousness, having only fleeting memories of the past few hours: the moans of the dying, orders being barked in some rasping, guttural language, the splintering of wood with axes and the screams of the Haberlyns receding into the distance.

○ After awaking the party examines the scene. Dead guards and horses lie everywhere and the carriage is smashed beyond repair. Its door has been smashed in and the Haberlyns are nowhere to be found. Of their personal guard, only Roybern and Jerra survive though they are in poor shape. Cor uses his divine magic to help Roybern with his smashed leg and manages to coax some information out of him. Roybern is very concerned with the fact that whoever kidnapped the Haberlyns had left their gold, which had spilled into the road, untouched. He suspects their employers are already dead. Meanwhile, Hjorde removes the arrow from Jerra’s shoulder before binding the wound. Darth recovers one of the party’s horses that bolted from the scene though a mysterious magical force spooks the beast causing it to flee. Hjorde recovers the last horse that can be found and the party sends Roybern and Jerra on their way to Waterdeep suggesting that they aim to follow the tracks into the Kryptgarden forest to recover their charges.

○ The party enters the ancient and overgrown woods of the Kryptgarden, unaware of what awaits them…



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